“Refugees who want to return: Welcoming, from Spain,  the new agreement between FARC and the Government of Colombia”

We need peace with social justice, not only silence of guns. Colombian Refugee Collective in Asturias “Luciano Romero Molina”

We need peace with social justice, not only silence of guns. Colombian Refugee Collective in Asturias “Luciano Romero Molina”

We celebrate the bilateral ceasefire and the Indigenous Peoples’ New Year. We are sharing  our joy over the bilateral ceasefire agreement between the government and the FARC-EP. Neither the terror unleashed by the Creole elites, nor US military power could defeat them in a half century of combat!

It must be made clear, however,  that while this important agreement is the beginning of the end of the war with the FARC, it is not so with the ELN and the EPL who have publicly expressed their decision to dialogue towards a similar agreement, without the government taking any action on the issue.

We would like to express our concern for the people who live in the territories where the FARC-EP has been the authority for decades. We share their fear of the extreme right wing narco-paramilitary groups that have joined with ex-President Uribe and sectors of the army in their indefensible attempts to sabotage the peace talks so that the war might continue and they could continue to accumulate land and political power through dispossession and exclusion.

We stand firm on the need for dialogue and general and unlimited ceasefire and end to hostilities with all the guerrillas and in all parts of the nation.

We continue to demand respect for human rights and guarantees for protesters demanding social justice in one of the countries in the world where inequalities and injustice are most evident.

We are ready to defend the agreements to be signed in two months ending the conflict with the FARC including: land reform and substitution of illegal crops for the benefit of the peasantry; political participation for the excluded, transformation this year of the FARC into a political movement; truth, justice and individual and collective reparations for victims; all-out efforts to combate paramilitarism and guarantees that there will be no repetition of state terrorism.

Today is a day of joy in Our South America. The signing of the Agreement this afternoon in Havana coincides with Inti Raymi, the feast of the sun, the beginning of the new year for indigenous communities in the Andes and the Amazon basin.

Today is a day to celebrate, to empower our peoples to combat the structural violence that is the mother of all violence in our tenacious, hopeful land.

Colombian Refugee Collective in Asturias “Luciano Romero Molina”

Xixon, June 23, 2016.


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