Colombia and ELN guerrilla forces begin formal peace talks

By Celestino Barrera Alarcón

Red shirt, Antonio Garcia, ELN Commander. Photo for

With red shirt Antonio Garcia, ELN Commander. Photo for

Today Colombia will announce peace talks with rebel group the National Liberation Army – ELN, said government sources and ELN.

The announcements came after this guerrilla frees two colombian military who had in his possession; low approval ratings for Santos and after negotiators at talks with the FARC rebel group failed to reach, the last march 23, self-imposed deadline for a final accord.

After two years of preliminary talks between government and the National Liberation Army (ELN), the public negotiations will be based in Quito, Ecuador, where the negotiating teams have had at least seven meetings to agree on a negotiating agenda six points.

Agreed agenda to start dialogues:

1. Participation of society

2. Democracy for peace

3. Victims

4. Transformations for peace

5. Security for peace and dereliction of weapons

6. Guarantees for the exercise of political action.

Announcements will be made in Caracas, Venezuela, at 12:00 pm


By Celestino Barrera A – @OttoRen


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