About us

Colombia Peace: This is a space where we intend to communicate advances and proposals concerning the political settlement of the armed conflict in Colombia, as well as the peace proposals of the various social stakeholders. For this purpose we will present a variety of political views that are aiming to contribute, in one way or another, to building peace in Colombia. The ideas expressed in this blog are the responsibility of their respective authors and do not reflect the opinions of those responsible for this website.


Celestino León Barrera is a social researcher, journalist, human rights defender and member of the International Commission of The People’s Congress – Colombia who studied Philosophy at the University of Cartagena (Colombia). His work has centered on the social and political organization of indigenous, campesino and working class peoples in defense of personas deprived of their liberty for political reasons or actions, and in organizing communities in areas of armed conflict in Colombia to defend and guarantee their rights. He currently resides in Washington, D.C.

 As reporter works with Periferia Press Newspaper and Colombia Informa (Colombia) Authored news reports and in-depth articles focusing on armed conflict and Human Rights. Edited news reports and in-depth articles for publication


Frank Varelas Suarez: I am a Colombian lawyer, enrolled in an LL.M. in Humanitarian Law and Human Rights in American University (Washington DC). I have worked with several NGO’s specialized in human rights defense in Colombia like the “Corporación Jurídica Libertad” (CJL) and the Comisión Colombiana de Juristas” (CCJ). Also, I am working with the Colombian Human Rights Committee (Washington DC) and I did an internship in CEJIL (International Center For the Justice and International Law), in Washington DC. During my time in university I was part of a research group on public policies in the Universidad Autónoma Latinoamericana of Medellin – Colombia, where I contributed to the publication of a book called “Políticas Públicas y Organizaciones Sociales en Medellín, en la Perspectiva del derecho Público y el Sistema Político Municipal” and other articles. Moreover, I am a cofounder of Kavilando, a study group of political and human rights in Medellin – Colombia.


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